Outdoor Living Products

Kindred Outdoors + Surrounds

Kindred Outdoors and Surrounds is dedicated to providing people with ways to build their outdoor living areas in a manner that saves both time and money. Kindred Outdoors and Surrounds products can be quickly assembled in endless combinations. They also have cut-outs for custom features such as grills, sinks burners and cabinets.

Stone Age Manufacturing

The construction of the old-fashioned masonry fireplace is becoming a lost art. Over the past 25 years pre-fab metal fireplaces have taken the place of the old fashioned style masonry fireplace. The industry has sacrificed longevity and quality for convenience and cheaper prices. In response to that challenge we have developed a product with durable all masonry construction, easy assembly, and affordable pricing. Our advantage over the competition: Our product will stand up to the harsh elements of any outdoor climate. Our firebox will not rust or rot out.


MagraHearth non-combustible mantels are handcrafted masterpieces that add unique beauty, warmth, and character to any fireplace. MagraHearth mantels have been meticulously hand crafted to replicate the inherent beauty of age old wood and stone. With the use of patented lightweight concrete, their craftsmen have been able to match the actual beams, siding, and other elements of century old barns and structures around the midwest.